When Streets Come Alive!

When Streets Come Alive!

This iconic location in our city of dreams requires no introduction. Named after the statue located here, it is easily identifiable, even when bereft of the statue itself, missing even in this image, captured in 2015. However, since two years, the statue is back on its rightful place, in its full glory, presiding over on an equally iconic art festival that is back on its annual visit in this precinct this week.

Yes, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival – KGAF, where you celebrate the extraordinary creativity out of what could otherwise be quotidian objects of Mumbai.  KGAF is indeed a celebration unparalleled – unmatched even for this pulsating city of ours; countless people thronging around appreciating those lively inanimate objects & moments full of gaiety & sparkling energy; possibly chaotic elsewhere but not in this city.

How tempting it would be to pen the stories behind all those moments & lives around! How onerous the task would be! Not for a gifted raconteur perhaps, but for me surely. So I found a better way to celebrate: to whirl around like a dervish, lugging around the camera  and capture through my lens-eye the symphony of those chaotic moments on the street. Soon, you can see some of the images captured in past editions of #KGAF in a gallery on this site.

Meanwhile, care to join me for a couple of hours of street photography? Do write / call immediately.

Have you visited this edition already? Share with me your impression.


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