The Metaphorical Queen!

The Metaphorical Queen!

I am blessed..

for having been part of lives of women, who – embody amazing grace, live life on their own terms, have unmatched strength of character & resolve and are immensely beautiful-hearted human beings.  It is being with these queens, that makes me what I am.

Here is an ode to all of them – friends & strangers –  by one of them:

The Metaphorical Queen

I see me in her
Yes in a way
I am the metaphorical queen

The courage, the valor
The battle She fought
And I do
Each day
In a man’s world

The mutiny within
And without
The fight
For right

Maneuvering through
The labyrinth
The battlefield
Handling the
Meandering ways
Of the world
She is….

Woman’s day
A day in a woman’s life
Each day is one
For she is the embodiment
The metaphorical queen

Yes I am
The voice of every woman
The metaphorical queens

~ Minoo



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